Mountain Odyssey

"Make Progress, not excuses"


Coaching for Climbing

As climbers, we are often looking to improve our climbing to do our best and reach our goals. We strive to push ourselves both mentally and physically,  and to feel the satisfaction factor of conquering our unconquerable. Whether its your first indoor 6a, or that 8a you've been trying over and over again at the crag, its all relevant, and often seeking out a knowledgeable coach to set you on the right path can be a wise option.

Our head coach Jono, has been coaching for several years, and in that time has gained valuable knowledge for improving climbers performance both indoors or outdoors. Having competed internationally on the world cup circuit, and climbed numerous 8a and above routes and boulders home and abroad, he has great ability and knowledge to guide you to reach your goals what ever level you're at.

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Indoor Coaching

Our indoor coaching sessions are designed for anyone looking to progress their climbing indoors, and who feel they have come to a plateau in their climbing and need some guidance. These coaching sessions are ideal for beginner to advanced climbers. Both 1:1 and group coaching sessions are available. 


Outdoor Coaching

We focus on providing coaching for outdoor traditional climbing, sport climbing, and outdoor bouldering. If you're looking for some guidance on training for a trip, a route, or a boulder, drop us a message and we can have a chat about your projects and goals, and setting you on the right path to achieving them.